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Online Medical Consultant

PulseMI™ for Commercial

Modern Patient

Accelerate to Launch in Record Time

Not only can we deliver your patient support initiatives 75% faster than any one else on the market - But we also provide a modernized and highly engaging experience for your patients.

Advanced Patient Support Orchestration

Providing patient support just got simpler and easier with PulseMI. Because to your patients, its all one journey to better health.

Set Your Rules

Quickly configured to accommodate your program’s unique needs, operations and to create a tailored end-to-end patient experience.

Optimize Your Support Staff

Unlock your team's potential through automated processes and invaluable patient insights, so they can focus on high-value touches and personalized patient support.

Empower Your Patients

Provide superior support for your patients by empowering them with services and information tailored to their unique preferences and progress through their patient journey.

Learn and Evolve Quickly

Quickly transform engagement data into actionable strategies that improve how you serve your patients and your specialty therapy.

Individualized Support

Empower patients with a personalized experience that seamlessly integrates into their everyday lives. Support each patient's unique needs by delivering the right information, at the right time, to the right patient.

Support Harmonized From You to Your Patients


Central Support

The importance of a centralized support hub for patients navigating complex and specialized therapy is undeniable. We know, you know. It's why you are here.


We ensure setting up, maintaining, and evolving patient support is easy. So you can provide the most tailored and effective support possible.

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Systems Streamlined

The integration of systems within the support ecosystem has become not only a possible but a necessity for creating truly efficient and cost effective support.

With Zealic Health, connecting systems to harmonize both your patients' experience and your patient support operations is now a quick and painless.

Our ability to change has to be quick—whether necessitated by feedback from MLR or evolution driven by insights and patient feedback. Especially when you’re introducing something modern and innovative for your patients, we give you the breathing room to be able to do that.

Casey Bennett, COO Zealic Health

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Is our passion showing?

Zealic Health helps patients, manufacturers, and service providers experience different. And we love what we do.

We're ready when you are.

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