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PulseMI™ for Life Sciences

Life Science Business Optimization

We Go Beyond The Tech

Innovation comes from finding the right solutions and actually realizing their value to propel forward. And yes, today the application of technology is part of the equation - But not the entire solution.

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Experienced in Accelerating Profitable Growth for Our Customers

Hyper-focused on pragmatic applications of technology at the intersection of operations, process, and business in the life science domain.

End-to-End Digital Solutions




Here's When We Can Help

Dissatisfied Customers

System implementation delaying service delivery

Digital unable to meet Drug Launch timelines

Risk of customer loss due to inferior digital solutions

Frustrated Users of Digital Systems

Patient, HCP or Employee dissatisfied with homegrown software

Modernizing customer experience hindered by timelines and budget

Eroding Margins from Inflating IT costs

Disproportionately growing IT costs-to-realized value

IT systems not meeting operational needs of a growing business

Lack of benefits from internal or outsourced development efforts

Missed Opportunities to Innovate and Grow

Lack in-house staff and expertise to support innovative opportunities

In need of Patient or HCP-facing digital applications

Decentralized/Hybrid Clinical Trials lacking sufficient or modern digital support

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We love the challenge.

Our results speak for themselves.


Total Return on Investment


Monthly Reduction in Operational Costs


Months to Savings

Based on a recent, and typical, engagement

Why Trust Zealic Health to Elevate Your Business?


We Know Your Domain

Skip the ramp-up time. We know the life sciences industry inside out and are uniquely positioned to apply our experience directly to your needs.

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Experts, Not Outsourcing

Forget the tired "save now, pay later" IT outsourcing saga. We believe in partnerships; value-oriented and financially-motivated from the start.


Solution, Not Tech, Focused

Our goal is to fuel your growth, profitability, and innovation - with fast results and the right practical application of technology.


And Fast ROI

Leverage our technology building blocks—Life Science-specific accelerators—to propel you forward and save valuable time—whether it's time to market, time to efficiency, or time to value.

Customer Success Stories

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Profitable transformation for a leading healthcare marketing agency

The Challenge

A increasingly dissatisfied major client due to unreliable digital solutions, meanwhile grappling with soaring fixed costs from an in-house IT department that lacked the expertise to create a reliable and cost-effective digital solution in support of their offering.


I was surprised to find a digital partner like Zealic Health that had such a unique blend of life science expertise and comprehensive product development capabilities.

CPO, at a pharmaceutical commercialization company

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