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PulseMI™ for Clinical

Patient-Centralized Clinical Trials

Decentralized Clinical Trials. Even in its name, it’s an industry-first perspective. This advancement in clinical research has in fact improved the centralization of the trial - central to the patient.

Patient-Centralized Clinical Trials


Patients don’t care about our alphabet soup of clinical systems. When they agree to participate in one clinical trial, they expect and deserve one, patient-centralized experience to guide and support them along this leg of their health journey.

Logistical Coordination

While providing a significant benefit patients across many populations and demographics, the logistics and coordination in running a patient-centralized trial is more complicated. And patients play a more significant role in the logistical aspects than in traditional trials.

Simply & Easily Tailored for Your Trial

Quickly and easily turn the protocol into an experience that meet your trial design, needs, operations and will effect support your patient population.

No-Two Trials... No-Two Patients are the Same

So how do you support Patient-Centered Trials across the diversity of clinical trials designs, protocols, therapeutics areas, treatment types, patient populations, and so on without needing an army of IT people to customize an array of systems?

Zealic Health for Patient-Centralized Clinical Trials

Powered By pulseMI™ for Clinical


Patient Enrollment & Retention

“Hold the patients hand" through participation in the trial, making it easy, comfortable and convenient to enroll and remain in the trial for all who wish and need.

  • Simple & Easy Onboarding from interest to consent

  • Offer transportation assistance for on-site visits

  • Maintain comfort and manage expectations with relevant and timely trial information


Patient Compliance Made Easy

Subjects are people first, and lead busy lives. Make it effortless and comfortable to know, navigate, and comply with each step in the trial journey.

  • Subject Participation Orchestration for your specific trial and patient population

  • Personalized Reminders to say on track across visits, shipments, medications, diary entries, and more

  • Information and Education Delivery when its most needed


Patient Experience Simplified

Single point of digital interface. Quickly and easily create a single, personalized digital companion for your trial. A hub for all of the systems and logistics involved that projects one voice to your patients.

  • One place to understand what to do and what’s next

  • One place to find support

  • One place for all for all trial logical activities

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Utilize best-in-class technologies for your hybrid or DCT (i.e. patient-centralized trial).

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