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pulseMI™ for Commercial

Journey Together: Enhance Patient Support With Digital Companionship

Reimagine What's Possible

Advancements in treatments, personalized medicine, and device therapies are bringing new hope for patients. But they are accompanied by the added challenges of increasingly complex treatment journeys.


Companions are becoming a must. Yet, obstacles often get in the way of making this a reality: too little time, too little bandwidth, too much investment just to name a few.


That is, until now.

Tailored Patient Companions, Fast.

Addressing these challenges just got simpler, easier, and faster with pulseMI™, the Patient Centricity solution across clinical and commercial needs.


Digital Companion for Today’s Patient

In today's digital world, patients expect interactions that are as dynamic and personalized as their favorite consumer brands. Deliver modern, patient-centric experiences that are both timely and engaging—always there when and where your patients need it.

The Patient

Superior support to accompany any treatment. Tailored for your specific needs: for your patients, your brand, and your treatment journey.

Patient Companions Tailored to Your Treatment

Medical Device

Complex Patient Journey

Cell & Gene Therapy

Many More

Better Support, Better Patient Outcomes

Provide the support that your patients need as they participate in your treatment to ensure that they get the best outcomes.

One Companion, Many Experiences, Better Results

Build a support ecosystem that adapts to each patient - their interactions, their situation, their preferences - to provide them with the best experience that fits their needs.

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Help Patients Stay Oriented 

Help your patients understand what's going on, what's next, where they are in a process, and what they need to do to along the way. Set expectations, keep them in the loop and help them feel more comfortable and in control.

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Educate Patients. Relevant. Effective.

Present educational content that is relevant to each patients as they progress through their journey, empowering them with information they need, when they need it, and how they prefer to receive it.

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Provide a Harmonized  Experience

Digital companions don’t just include digital-only experiences. From getting useful resources to communicating with nurse educators, funnel the complexities of your patient treatment journeys into one central location where patients can easily access the support that they need.

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Support Your Support Team

Provide your treatment support team with insights into your patients' treatment journey to help empower them to provide the best support possible for your patients.

Need it yesterday? No problem.

Our process is like nothing you've experienced. Think custom companion WITHOUT the custom timeline.


With the help of our proprietary software toolset, pulseMI™, we move through creation, MLR review, and launch, well, as fast as you can go. Launching your digital companion is one button click away, literally

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Is our passion showing?

Zealic Health helps patients, manufacturers, and service providers experience different. And we love what we do.

We're ready when you are.

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